Thinking about how the environment is affected is a last minute thought after

buying an outfit online or at the mall. Here are some things to consider the next time you buy.


The fashion industry has a hard time with waste techniques and its environmental effects. If we don't change the habits on a consumer and industry level, the total global carbon emissions will rise to 50% on the account of the fashion industry. 


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The overuse of water in the textile-garment industry that upholds fashion is also an issue. The main uses of water come from processes of creating the fibers, threads, chemical processes (bleaching, printing, and dyeing), and mechanics. 

The use of non eco friendly materials can also result to the overuse of water. 


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The processes that the textile-garment industry uses takes up a significant amount of energy.


Textile industries Improving use and engineering of electricity use – lighting, motors, and heating systems. Reviewing and removing coal, oil, and biomass fuels with energy efficient boilers or heat/water recycling systems. 

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Stay fashion FORWARD and be environmentally FRIENDLY

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